Come and visit

Arrive with a car

5 minutes from the center of Alūksne

If you are driving with a car from Rīga to Ķestermuiža, you probably will be happy to know that the road is asphalted. Just turn on some good music and enjoy the ride. Getting to the final destination from the center of Alūksne will take less than 5 minutes. Head towards Gulbene, pass Bānītis train station, and turn right at the border of Alūksne city, turning right before Lake Pullans. Follow the tree alley till you have reached Ķestermuiža.

Arrive by Narrow Gauge Train (Bānītis)

Right next to Alūksne Bānītis train station

If you want to go on a small adventure, try the unique Gulbene-Alūksne railway. You have the opportunity to hop on the train from Rīga to Gulbene and then transfer to train Bānītis. During a 22-minute ride, Bānītis will slowly and unhurriedly guide you through the beautiful Vidzeme landscape. It only takes a 10-minute walk to get from Bānītis train station to Ķestermuiža.


With our hearts and soul, we create Ķestermuiža to be a place that is not just an accommodation but a recreational adventure.

Get away from everyday life and recharge for a new dream realization.

Vita, Kestermuiza juht
Vita, Head of Kestermuiza